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Masking Tape DMT-111


Product Code: DMT-600UV

Product Feature

  • Durable crepe paper backing helps resist solvents and moisture while minimizing bleed through.
  • Tape sticks and stays on moldings, plastic, glass, metal, rubber and painted surfaces due to a proprietary rubber-based adhesive.
  • Fits contours and curves for great usability and tear resistance.
  • Resists temperatures up to 80°C for up to 30 minutes.
Masking Tape
Color Beige
Backing Material Crepe paper
Adhesive Natural rubber
Thickness 150±5 um
Tensile Strength (N/25mm) : 60±5
Elongation (%):11±1%/25mm
Temp. Resistance 80 ℃(30min)
UV Resistance Non
Tape Adhesion 4.5-5.5(N/25mm)